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Subaru humming noise from rear

Buzzing sound under car when off.

A whining noise from the engine could be due to problems with the transmission Our long-term 2013 Nissan Altima 2 I'm wondering how urgent dealing with the noise from the Subaru is, because I don't want it to progress to that Sable sound Subaru XV 2013 with CVT automatic transmission, bought it last July 2013 costing USD 28 My other post about CVT whine has the link My other post about CVT. It's the front left bearings going bad (in my opinion) To check, jack up that side and give the tire a spin. ANY noise is going to indicate bearings. Also, try moving the tire from side to side while holding it at 12 and 6. Any play here is also bearings saying goodbye. MD_Taco_Owner, Jun 20, 2015.

My 2003 outback is making a power steering noise (sort of a whining sound) only when making a right turn. It occurs anywhere between a slight right turn, or a sharp right turn and is always changing within that range. It started in the spring when the weather warmed up. And the noise gets louder when it gets hot out.

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After getting my car back this weekend I noticed a humming sound that goes in and out while driving on the freeway. The faster I go, the faster the humming/vibration sound gets, and vice versa. I researched a bit online and asked the body shop to check the front wheel bearing, which they ended up replacing; however, the sound is still there. Place the microphones on the knuckles and on the transaxle case at the left and right extension housings. Keep the wires away from hot exhaust or spinning parts. The ChassisEar has headphones, but sometimes playing the noise through the stereo speakers works better at identifying the noise source.

Oct 03, 2019 · Ford F150 Whining Noise When Accelerating. 2012 ford f-150 vehicle speed control problems. You may also hear a clunking noise. Rear noise actually rear window problem - bad window assy -> cold weather shrinks vehicle and window rattles in frame on sharp bumps. 56%. The manufacturer was notified of the failure.

Jump to Latest Follow Find a Subaru Retailer Information Nissan Cvt Fluid Color Loud humming noise at 45+ mph!! Yeah, the humming noise starts @ 45mph then kinda gets louder by 50+, then @ 60mph, the noise gets lower almost back to normal There is a weird "tock" sound and a "whirr" sound being There is a weird "tock" sound and a "whirr" sound.

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